Nostradamus: The War with Iran

Nostradamus: The War with Iran

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© 2007 John Hogue. 70,500 words, 239 pages, 85 color photos, graphics.
Published by HogueProphecy Publishing

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Nostradamus, the most famous prophet of the last 450 years, published a history of the future in 1555. He took careful attention to warn those living at the onset of the 21st century about a potential clash between Near East and the West‚ a headlong collision between Judeo-Christian and Islamic civilizations.

Long comets, he says, trailing sparks (ballistic missiles) will strike cities like swords. Ships of great navies will melt and sink into the waters of what today's geographers call, the Persian Gulf.

Nostradamus in his predictions called it by the name Arabs use today, the "Arabian Gulf." A Western alliance will plan a war with a future and militant Islam. They send a new crusader army into a place Nostradamus knew as Mesopotamia. We know it as Iraq. The crusaders fail. The hard religious law of their enemies strengthens and spreads its message from a place he calls Persia. We call it Iran. A radical cult of Islam spreads westward from there to Turkey, to Lebanon, Egypt, North Africa and finally with missiles flying into Europe.

These are some of the dark prophecies gathered by John Hogue in his riveting new book Nostradamus: The War with Iran. Applying his own prophetic gift to Nostradamus' prophecies , astrological analysis, and years of research into the historical and present political influences in Iraq, Iran, Israel, and the US, the author presents a stunning, chilling, and fact filled picture of how we are heading for disaster - unless we listen to the future predictions now....

About the Author:

Whitley Strieber, author of "Communion," co-author of "The Coming Global Superstorm" (with Art Bell) and a well known Dreamland internet radio talk show host, said this about John Hogue in March, 2007:
John Hogue displays knowledge of details of the situation in the Middle East that are worthy of a geopolitical strategist or a military analyst. ... He explains the explosive Iran situation in terms of Nostradamus' prophecies in ways that will at once chill and fascinate you. This is really FAR more informative and fact-based than you would ever get from the mainstream media. You will learn more about Iran and the US military's deployments in the region than you thought possible.

John Hogue writes about Nostradamus with the clarity and interpretive accuracy of a kindred prophet. He uses his own gift of future insight along with the geopolitical savvy of a Noam Chomsky to unravel the complex issues affecting us today. Voices such as these are needed in our times.

In 1987, John Hogue wrote the book Nostradamus and the Millennium. It sold 700,000 copies and was translated into nine languages. Twelve books and 20 years later his understanding of Nostradamus' coded texts, as well as his grasp of the art of prophecy itself, has deepened with experience, earning him the distinction of being hailed the preeminent authority on Nostradamus and collective prophetic traditions. Hogue's documented predictive track record into the new millennium has achieved an accuracy surpassing 80 percent. Click here for some of his past successes and future predictions.

John Hogue states: "This war [with Iran] is beyond all reason I can summon. I feel it is not what anyone in their heart of hearts wants, yet a kind of madness guides the people of the Middle East and the world at large down a future path like lemmings to the cliff edge or moths to the bug zapper... Until humanity awakens to its conscious and loving soul, the humanity we have today, locked in its mask personalities, its borrowed ideas and identities, conditioned to repeat the past and call it the future, will necessarily stumble upon unexpected gifts of horror that might shock an awakening.

"All of us, wherever we are, even in the most mundane ways will see our lives forever changed... The Middle East's descent into the madness of mass destruction and apocalyptic self-righteous wrongs will make the rest of the world pause and reflect. A holocaust in microcosm may inspire the whole world to dismantle their weapons of mass destruction and say, in a new era of peace, not now and Never again!"

A Sample of Predictions presented in this Book:

~ If an extreme right-wing fundamentalist Christian president is elected in 2000 (George Bush) finds himself on a collision course with an equally fundamentalist Islamic terrorist leader (i.e.: Ayatollah Muqtada al-Sadr or Iranian President Ahmadinejad), a third world war will ensue.

~ Modern Israel is a new Samson falling under the spell of atomic preemption, and is in danger of being seduced by a doomsday Delilah. In this prediction Israel looses its head and visualizes imminent threat where there is none‚ beginning a nuclear conflict when no such conflict is needed and destroying itself along with its Muslim neighbors.

~ Iran, if precipitously attacked will seek to possess nuclear weapons because of an imminent airstrike (being prepared now) by the US. Not before.

~ The leader most likely to preempt a third world war will be a present or near future prime minister of Israel.

~ Century 9, Quatrain 43: Near the point of landing, the Crusader army will be ambushed by the Ishmaielites (read here, "Muslims"): Struck from all sides by the ship Raviere. Promptly attacked by the ten elite galleys.

~ The first line links this one to the "Crusaders of Mesopotamia" prophecy (3 Q61). The 4,000 [Iranian] Revolutionary Guards on Abu Musa Island would be among Iran’s finest commando forces. They will be willing to make this their "Alamo," their "Iwo Jima" and die for Allah to the last man. They will not be caught by surprise. The Marines and their ships will have to brave salvoes of Silkworm missiles 60 miles beyond the island.

You the Reader are involved in shaping this moment in history. How we all contribute to the "collective consciousness" is shaping reality itself. In this book you will find ways to take an active part in that process creating a reality that is our choice rather than one thrust upon us.


When West and Near East are
"Equally Fiery"
And Planets of War Conjoin

Chapter One
The Rise of the Ayatollahs

Chapter Two
A RAYPOZ to Reflect

Chapter Three
Samson Seeking a Final Solution

Chapter Four
A Horrible War Prepared by the West

Chapter Five
Hidden Fires burn with Heat

Chapter Six
"In the Arabian [Persian] Gulf
A Great Fleet will be plunged to the Bottom"

Chapter Seven
"Ships Melted and Sunk By the Trident"

Chapter Eight
Black Flags of our Martyrs Spreading West

Chapter Nine
"Avesta" Interests in a Second Holocaust

Can Regional Doomsday Save the World?

Previous Reviews

by Jordi Roig Camacho; Date Added: Friday 29 April, 2011

This is an excellent book to try to understand how a future war with Iran would look like. Not only the development of the war itself, but also the economic and geopolitical consequences of the war are explained in detail. I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is concerned about finding out how such a war would change the actual balance of power in the world. The analysis of Nostradamus quatrains is extense, Hogue examines each word and sentence with the rigurosity of a scientist who understands the relevance of small details. The fact that the information on each chapter has been written following a logical sequence makes Hogue's statements easy to read and remember.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

by Brad Fuhs; Date Added: Tuesday 04 December, 2007

Great job John, You put it all togehter for an easy read.

I hope people prepare for the upcoming disaster (Food, Water, Precious metals).

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

by jackie Parffitt; Date Added: Tuesday 09 October, 2007

I am so impressed by the research that you do and it does appear that things are surely heating up over there. I really don't want you to be right about a war I pray every day that somehow war with Iran will be averted. - Jackie Parffitt, Greenvile, PA

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

by Rae Danby02; Date Added: Thursday 15 November, 2007

Bought E Book...FAB!! Let me say that It was most informative and I learned about the 'other side' of the war factions instead of just propaganda spewed out by the [US] shadow govt...You have wonderful insight of what is going on over there.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

by cdden42; Date Added: Friday 15 June, 2007

Congratulations...virtually no one comprehends the abject dedication needed to produce the brilliant work you do. - Jeff Rense, (The Jeff Rense Program: www.rense.com)

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

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