Predictions for 2008

Predictions for 2008

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Predictions for 2008Long Day's Cosmic Journey into Cosmic Night

2008 is more than a year. It is a turning point in history. It is the exact apex in time when the balance of ages, suspended, begins to tip away from forces and themes defining the last 2,000 years.  History will now incline with ever increasing direction, for better or worse, towards those values and influences that mark a new 2,000-year era.

prediction: aquarian age

The year indicates the midpoint in the gradual overlap of the Piscean Age subsiding into the Aquarian Age. Epoch shaking change comes now. Not in the year 2012, when it is said the Mayan Calendar of the Ancient Mesoamerican time keepers ends its 63 million year long count. Wait and you will be looking late.

The death and rebirth of ages begins right now.

There are many great prophetic time clocks. Chief among them is one far older than the Mayan Calendar. It is called by three names, "the Great" or "Cosmic Year" and the "Great Precession of the Equinox." It starts its count with the annual Vernal Equinox--the moment believed by most ancient people to be the true moment of New Year's birth with the blossoming of spring. Every new year begins with the Sun moving from one Vernal Equinox to the next ending the year in a new position slightly farther west in the sky. Each year dies and is reborn on a new westward position along the ecliptic compared to the fixed stars on the celestial sphere--where the twelve constellations of the Zodiac reside. A Cosmic Year, therefore, embraces the time it takes the Vernal Equinox to slowly retreat a full 360 degrees around all 12 constellations of the Zodiac: approximately 25,765 years. The 12 signs are twelve "Cosmic Months" lasting roughly 2,160 years.

In this new eBook, I explained why this year reaches a significant midpoint of human evolution from one great age of history to the next. They don't just shift in an instant, either:

The current Cosmic Month slowly drawing to a close is the Age of Pisces. History began experiencing the subtle influence of the new Age of Aquarius as far back as the 1760s. Aquarius' revolutionary ideas--such as the pursuit of human freedom and happiness, or the exploration of science beyond religious belief for answers--marked a new period of revolutionary thought later called the Age of Enlightenment or Reason. The predominant Piscean icon, the Church, and its fundamental belief structures experienced an unprecedented onslaught of significant and collective doubt expressed by high intellectual and lowly layman alike. Voltaire, Rousseau, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin were the first microscopic sprouting of the Aquarian Age collective mind. The emergence of the Industrial Age in the mid-1700s was also a shift to the Aquarian vibe. It would be, however, another 500 years before what began in the 1760s would crystalize into the full emergence of Aquarius beyond all remaining Piscean influences in the 2260s.

We are halfway through that overlap of ages now. These years 2007 through 2008 comprise the most schizophrenic two-year period in 20 centuries. Humanity is pushed and pulled by the subtle forces of faith and hope in a tug-a-war with fact and realities. Tradition struggles with innovation. Many want to take their cake of Piscean past and eat it too in a new and mercurial Aquarian future.

From: Long Cosmic Day's Journey into Cosmic Night,
Predictions for 2008

After 2008 the human race will begin feeling the scales tipping towards the new Aquarian dispensation of history. People will yearn in all dimensions of life towards a scientific, rather than faith based mindset. The Piscean Age was the Age of Faith. The Aquarian Age is that of Science, and the existential tasting and experiencing of life. After 2008 it will not be enough merely to "believe" something. People will feel the first stirrings of wanting "to know" something is true, first hand, about themselves, their world, and the mystery of existence.

Samples of predictions, political analysis, and social
commentary from John Hogue's book Predictions for 2008:

prediction: 2008 presidential race

The American Presidential Elections
of 2008

This is the most important election America will ever have. Hogue predicts how the choice of president in this year will either set the country on a destiny of renewal or precipitous decline into fascism and bloody revolution.

Long Day's Cosmic Journey into Cosmic Night

Move over, Mayan Calendar, 2012 doesn't compare to the year 2008. Hogue predicts how we begin reaping and harvesting the good and evil consequences planted in the last 36 years. Did you know we start a new 36-year "beat" in history marking the advent of the Aquarian Age?

Climate Change

Predictions on when exactly the tipping point of global warming occurs. Hogue forecasts when and why we run out of time and cross the point of no return. It isn't when they said it would be.

prediction: Kobe EarthquakeEarthquake Forecast

Predictions on the activity of the most seismically active band of volcanoes and fault lines in the world surrounding the Pacific Ocean. How it will effect populations along the US and Canadian West Coast.

World Food Crisis

Massive amounts more of agricultural acreage in 2008 will be converted to make biofueI. Is the era of global famine foreseen by Nostradamus beginning?

One Bird Flu over the Global Human's Nest?

In Hogue's predictions for 2007, he accurately foresaw the advent of Avian Flu passing from birds to human-to-human contagion in that year. Predictions on what happens in 08. A pandemic?

World Economy

With 2008, we enter a year of multiple world currencies. Forecasts on what will happen to the US dollar, the Euro and the possibility of a crash.

Launching a New Space Race

Hogue reveals why the coming 36-year period is defined as the "Post Sustainability Era" in peak oil terms. He predicts the beginnings of a "Humanitary"-Industrial Complex in 2008, and the launch of a second moon race!

iran war prediction Iraq

Just how long can US forces hold Iraq down before it breaks apart into full-scale civil war? This chapter gives the dates.


Revelations of the National Intelligence Estimate at the close of 2007 concluded that Iran had stopped its nuclear weapons program back in 2003. Hogue predicted in his book Nostradamus: The War with Iran a Plan B that would go into effect if the Bush administration lost political support for their long planned strike on Iran. It's time for Plan B. Read all about it.

Enter the Dragon in the Year of the Rat

2008, the dividing line between the Piscean and Aquarian Ages, also starts a new 12-year cycle in the Chinese calendar with the Year of the Rat. Predictions that presage the rise or the imminent fall of China in the next 12 years.

Predictions; 9-11New Revelations: the 9/11 Conspiracy

Predictions about startling new revelations in 2008 that will expose the real conspiracy behind the successful terrorist attack on America back on 11 September 2001. It isn't over.

The "W" Prophecy--Update

Predictions on whether President Bush will beat the curse that has seen a president die in office (except for Ronald Reagan) either in his first or second term after being elected under a Jupiter-Saturn conjunction.

Charting Passage through Cosmic Night

Astrological predictions for the 36-year age of "Cosmic Night" divide it in two 18 year parts. See what is waiting in 2026--the midnight of Cosmic Night.

The Secret Revolution of the Witness

We begin in 2008 what the Hopi prophets describe as the world's Purification by Fire. Hogue details this prediction and makes a few of his own on the fire of new consciousness in human beings that can become the light of a purification-fantastic.

Previous Reviews

by Jeanne Bonner; Date Added: Sunday 16 March, 2008

I appreciate the work that you do and have found that your books (The Last Pope, The War with Iran, Predictions for 2008) have not only been thought provoking, but also a call to action.

Thank you for sharing your insight, being of service and a source of inspiration.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

by Marielle Sidaris; Date Added: Friday 29 February, 2008

Wow. I've come to expect excellent writing from John Hogue, he does not disappoint with Predictions for 2008. Very pithy, detailed predictions about the good stuff, his chapter on both China as the next world power, and the global warming crisis are the best. If this book were a hard copy book it would be sitting on my nightstand. As it is, it's open half the time I'm on the computer and has turned into somewhat of a reference book.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

by John Reynolds; Date Added: Friday 29 February, 2008

Excellent "book of predictions" - I hate predictions drawn out of the ether. Here's an author who analyzes what's actually happening in the world. This is excellent research and conclusions. Call them predictions if you like, it's just extremely intelligent analysis. OK, he's throwing in a lot of predictions too, but how do I know if they're true yet?

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars

by H. WARD; Date Added: Sunday 03 February, 2008

$10.80 for a digital book... Still, it bears reading, the level of his writing goes far beyond most "prophets" these days -- whether Nostradamus oriented or not. The future is something we're creating, he's got that right, which is what most people don't want to hear. Overall good presentation, still not sure about the price.

Rating: 3 of 5 Stars

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